Make Your Garden Low Maintenance

We specialise in providing clients with fresh beautiful, lawn for residential and commercial properties. After having been in the industry for over 15 years, the experts at All Aspects are available to provide you with everything you need. Turn your garden into a livable space! We can help with the buying, replacing or caring for your lawn in the Bayside area.

Our services include

  • Turf and lawn suggestions
  • Laying your new lawn
  • Garden clean ups
  • Rubbish removal.
  • Plant recommendations

What grass is best for me?

When choosing your Turf think about

  • Are you near the beach and get salt spray?
  • How much money do you want to spend
  • Will the grass be in a 'high traffic' zone, or play area?
  • Do you want high or low maintanance grass?
  • How much sun does my garden get?


Sir Walter Buffalo

We love Sir Walter Buffalo as it is a low maintenance, high wear, and perfect for the the South East Melbourne climate as it is salt tolerant for those near the beach.



Great for high wear, and a nice fine leaf, but higher maintenance than other lawns.



A low maintenance grass, and good for heavy use, minimal water needed.



Good for shady areas, minimal water needed and a very low maintenance lawn.


Tall Fescue

Excellent for a low use zone, but high in maintenance.

How do I care for my new lawn?

We give you support in caring for your new lawn. Some advise on important steps to take to keep your lawn looking fresh.

  • Water - During the early stages of your lawns life, it is crucial to ensure it gets plenty of water to establish itself. No-one wants to be a wally with water, so water tanks are great!
  • Weed control - Weeds like bare patches. So keep your lawn looking healthy before the weeds find somewhere to grow. We recommend hand weeding fortnightly to catch them in their tracks.
  • Mowing your lawn - Do not mow your new lawn for at least 3 weeks after instillation, or when you have seen considerable growth or it has started to establish itself. In winter, keep your lawn longer. In summer mow more often. The basic rule of mowing is to never cut more than one-third of the leaf blade.
  • Fertiliser - We recommend an organic natural fertiliser, in pellet form. We fertilise when laying the lawn, but then re-fertalise in Autumn.
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